Patience is a virtue


The importance of smart program design is often emphasized in the fitness world. These variables must be closely monitored, selection, intensity, frequency and volume. But knowing the need to oversee these variables is not enough, that’s we search through our journals to find a new material that we can pass on to the next athletes. This thirst for knowledge should be commended, as knowledge is a powerful weapon. Yet, as we search for new and improved methods for our athletes, we often forget to share seemingly obvious advice with them: To be patient.
Abiding by these words, it is imperative to communicate the importance of patience. We’ve all heard that patience is a virtue, but very few actually live by these words. Coaches and mentors regularly preach the importance of hard work, but few share such passion when stressing the importance of patience. Perhaps patience is an assumed prerequisite, but we all know the fault in assumption.
Merriam Webster defines patient as steadfast despite opposition, difficulty, or adversity. An athlete who is patient will see a challenge through from start to finish, despite the struggles encountered on his journey. Patience is more than a virtue, it is a powerful weapon.
Without patience and time, don’t expect to accomplish anything. Even a hard working athlete who is impatient will struggle with long term goals. Hard work during each single session isn’t enough if these sessions do not accumulate into something significant. There have been plenty of hard working athletes who are hindered by impatience. They work hard each day, but are never patient enough to see out a long term goal. Their lack of patience negates both hard work and intelligent program design. Even the most sophisticated training program will do little if the athlete isn’t patient enough to progress through one step at a time.